Super Junior (Variety Shows)



Super Junior Variety Shows (Eng Subs):


[Before 3jib] SJ on Variety Shows (Eng Subs)


[2009/3jib] SJ on Variety Shows (Eng Subs)


[2010-2011] SJ on Variety Shows (Eng Subs)


[5jib] SJ on Variety Shows (Eng Subs)


[6jib] SJ on Variety Shows (Eng Subs)


Super Junior Kiss the Radio (Eng Subs)


Other Videos


38 thoughts on “Super Junior (Variety Shows)

  1. aren’t there any variety/ reality shows which are more recent? like something from around 2012 or 2013? thanks by the way for all your awesome compilations. :D


    • No, I haven’t seen Super Show 5. :( Yep, recently SS5 was held in South America, really happy for the fans that got to see SJ after waiting for so many years and so proud that SJ is getting known worldwide. I live on the east coast of the United States so I really wish that a SS5 will be held somewhere close to me in the US. I really hope that I’ll get a chance to see SJ in person at least once in my lifetime. ^^ How about you? Have you seen SS5?

      ~ Vicki


  2. I’m really happy too about their increasing popularity. They deserve it. <3 <3 <3
    I haven't seen them in person yet because it is only recently I've become their fan. So when they held super show 3 here in the Philippines I wasn't interested. But now I regret it so much. But it has been announced that they are going to have SS5 here around August, but there is no exact date yet. But I am definitely going. :D
    Hope they are able to hold a concert in the east coast of the US maybe in SS6 so you can see them. Suju fighting! :D


    • Omg, that’s great! :D You’ll definitely have so much fun going to SS5 and finally seeing them in person. Ahhh you’ll get to see Rockstar live (Eunhae’s abs and shirtless…dies xD ) and the 4 members crossdressing as girls while performing Alone, lol. Really excited and happy for you. ^^ And, I really believe that it’s never too late to be a fan of SuJu, it’s better that you’re a fan now then never being a fan at all. ;)
      Thanks for the encouragement, I really hope that one day I’ll be able to go to a Super Show too, but I’m definitely not gonna give up hope and wait for that day! SJ fighting! <3 <3 Hope that they'll become even more successful and popular! :)


  3. Thank you for compiling SJ shows!! <33 Can I ask if you know or have any .srt files (subtitle files) of SuShow 4 in Japan? :( I have been looking for it and I hope you can help me! :)


    • Hello! ^^ You’re welcome. :) I don’t have the srt files for SS4 in Japan because I wasn’t the one that subbed it and sorry I don’t know where to find it either. Maybe you can ask the subber directly if she has the files and if she can share it with you. Sorry for the late reply to your question.


  4. annyeonghaseyo . . .
    wahhhh u’re really awesome ^^ thanks to make blog like this and post such a wonderful thing lol >.<
    i really love super junior and i still believe they would be together ever after :D
    so greeting from elf indonesia ^_^


    • Hello! ^^ You’re welcome. And thank you for your nice comment! :) I really love Super Junior too and like you believe that they’ll stay together for a very long time too! It’s nice to know another ELF from Indonesia. <3


  5. Hi do you know what show Eunhyuk was on where they played some game something like the recent genius? Something like a mind game..


  6. Yeah but I think there was another episode because it was a different game.. but the same concept as the link you gave.Do you know it? Thanks for all the shows anyway^^ Really appreciate it!!


  7. sorry but can’t you tell me detail the difference between index and the big title i can’t understand how u arrange it. (sorry for my broken english)


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