Super Junior – Other Videos


Super Junior – Other Videos:


[08/07/2007] Super Junior Siwon surprising Hankyung in China (Eng Subs)

* Very touching! I miss Hangeng so much as a part of SJ! Wishing one day that all the members of SJ will be able to perform together on stage again. Prom15e to 13elieve.




Super Junior’s Leader Leeteuk

Heechul & Hankyung in their dorm (Eng Subs)

Super Junior card kissing game Part 1/2 (Eng Subs) // Part 2/2 (Eng Subs)
– To watch the other episodes with English subs >> Super Junior Mini Drama

Hangeng: “Heechul remains to be my best friend”



Variety Shows – Super Junior Cuts:

Super Junior’s Leeteuk & Eunhyuk talk about the leader’s role (Eng Subs)

Super Junior (Donghae & Sungmin) with SHINee Cut – It is kinda DOG?!?! (Eng Subs)

Donghae – the ultimate narcissist (Eng Subs)

[06/27/2010] Heechul singing all songs of SJ only 37s ~ so funny

[10/04/2009] Super Junior – Genie + Ending @ MBC Star Dance Battle (Eng Subs)

[02/09/2010] Strong Heart – Junho (2PM) vs Eunhyuk (Super Junior) Dance Battle

Star King – Kid Dancing to Super Junior’s Bonamana

Star King – Kid vs. Super Junior’s Shindong (Eng Subs)

Eun Hyuk & Shin Dong – Cute Aerobic Dance

[Dailymotion Link][06/20/2009] Introducing A Star’s Friend – Dolly Teuk Cut (Eng Subs)

Best 5 !! Our Group Leader is the Best! The Top Leaders!! [Arirang – Pops in Seoul] [ENG]

[02/07/2006] Eunteuk closeness before debuting (Eng Subs)


Radio Shows – Super Junior Cuts:

DBSK surprise phone call to SuJu (Eng Subs)

Eunhyuk apologize to Donghae “I am sorry..” EunHae (Eng Subs)

Heechul talks about Leeteuk (Eng Subs)

[07/29/2009] Shim Shim Tapa (Main Vocalists Special) – Jonghyun and Ryeowook are not close?! (Eng Subs)

Youngstreet – Donghae Called Sunye & Heechul (Eng Subs)

[06/26/2011] Youngstreet — Heechul ft Jungmo M&D – ‘Close Your Mouth’ ACCOUSTIC VERSION LIVE!! (Eng Subs)

Youngstreet – Ryeowook talks to the TV, frightening Heechul (Eng Subs)

Chim Chim Radio – Donghae and his brother talk (Eng Subs)


Cute Videos of Super Junior:

[Eng Subs] Donghae & Leeteuk feeding a cat 🙂

Super Junior – Chinese introduction

Dance Battle Practice: Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Shindong, Leeteuk

Eunhyuk & Yesung disturbing Leeteuk sleeping

[06/22/2006] Ryeowook wants a birthday kiss from…? (Eng Subs)

Sungmin Showing His Pink Items (Eng Subs)

Leeteuk vs. Eunhyuk

Super Junior – All My Heart [Fan-made MV]

Super Junior pictures at Hangeng’s Room

Donghae being bullied, as a karma Leeteuk was bullied by the magnaes (Eng Subs)


Super Junior – Twitter videos

[06/20/2010] Eunhyuk & Heechul – ‘It’s Embarrassing Game’

[07/01/2010] Leeteuk Birthday Party – Eunhyuk twitvid


Super Junior – promotions

[ENG] Super Junior promotes Korean Bibimbap!

[ENG] Super Junior, honorary ambassador for Korean food promotion

SMTown LA Press Conference – Super Junior’s Leeteuk & Siwon, TRAX (Eng Subs)


Super Junior Couple Pairings + Other Videos

E.L.F Song — GoodWill & MGI

HanKyung + HeeChul [HanChul]

[08/13/2010] Hangeng mentioned Heechul [Eng subs]


[Fancam] [01/17/2011] EunHae danced “I wanna love you” ver. without a girl at Pattaya


All credits for these videos goes to the people who uploaded and subbed them on YouTube. Thank You! 😀


Have a favorite video of Super Junior that isn’t on this list. Share it by providing the link below in the comments! 🙂

If you watched any of the above video of a Super Junior cut in variety show and wants to know the title of the show (if it wasn’t mentioned on the video) or where to watch the full show with English subs, leave a comment below and I’ll reply back with a answer as soon as possible if I know.



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