Super Junior M – Other Videos


Super Junior M – Other Videos




[10/22/2009] Henry and Donghae’s Birthday (Eng Sub)

Super Junior M – Henry Surprise Birthday Party



(Eng Sub) SJ-M Mini-interview 2 (Super Girl Japanese Ver. DVD)

SJM game interview in Hong Kong

[01/01/2009] Scoop – SJM Interview (eng-subbed)

SJM @ Music Brings Hope [Eng Trans]

SJM – HK Interview in 2008 (eng-subbed)


SJM – Variety Shows + Performances:

(Eng Sub) SJ-M’s Chinese Lessons 1/2  //  (Eng Sub) SJ-M’s Chinese Lessons 2/2

Kyuhyun – The Moon Represents My Heart w/ lyrics

Ryeowook singing solo in China 丽旭/厉旭唱歌剪辑 SJM非常大明星+越策越开心
– Ryeowook singing Kiss Goodbye and parts of SJM songs

SJ-M telephone charades [eng sub] // [Full Episode Link]

[04/12/2008] SJ-M Meeting Fahrenheit (Eng Subbed)

[07/18/2008] Kyuhyun is Ryeowook’s spokesman [eng sub]

[07/18/2008] Kyuhyun can’t find Ryeowook’s flaws [eng sub]

Hosts talk about Super Junior-M [eng sub]

Youth Stage (Stage of Youth) Han Geng NG’s [engsub]

[10/24/2009] SJM on Happy Camp Unaired Scenes

[10/18/2008] Han Geng – Sexy Back

(Eng) Li Yin’s phonecall with Hankyung & Siwon

[10/25/2009] BTV Top Chinese Music – SJM Cuts

Kyuhyun – Bu Rang Wo De Yan Lei Pei Wo Guo Ye (Eng Subs)



2010 Semir CF (eng)

Super Junior M – Oppo Ad (Me)

[M.13] 2009 Pepsi CF ft. SJM (eng-subbed)


Making of MVs:

[10/31/2008] [V] SJM Making of ME (Eng Subs)

Super Junior M – Making of Super Girl @ Arirang

[Eng Sub] (Hangeng) Y Star News Super Junior M – Super Girl MV Shooting


Fancams + SJM Couples/Pairings + Henry videos:

[HQ fancam] SJM – Adorable Hen Wook Hae @ B.G.F.

Donghae and Henny run battle at incheon airport ^^

Hangeng Siwon Donghae…Love is Pain…

Super Junior M’s new couple HENWOOK!!

Super Junior M – HenWook – Lost Butterfly [FV]

HenHae – SuJus cute Sexy OTP

Super Junior M – KyuMi (Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi)

Because U Live – Henry Lau

Henry lau-Best moments

Cute, funny, and adorable Henry Lau


All credits for these videos goes to the people who uploaded/subbed them on YouTube. Thank You! 😀


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