[10/13/2007] Star King with 12 Super Junior Members (Eng Subs)

[10/13/2007] Star King with 12 Super Junior Members (Eng Subs)


Dailymotion Links – Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Credit: SJSubs | Uploaded by weechullie @Dailymotion
Shared by https://superzvicki.wordpress.com/


Updated Post: 11/30/2013


9 thoughts on “[10/13/2007] Star King with 12 Super Junior Members (Eng Subs)

  1. there is a note like this :(Note: You need to be a member of the Super Legacy Forum to be able to view this video. Register to be a member or sign in [if you’re already a member] to watch this video.)

    How can be a member? and where to register?

    By the way I found your very reliable when it comes to SuJu , thanks for updating :)I always go here to look for links of videos related to SJ. ^^


    • Hi! ^^ The Super Legacy Forum was closed down a while ago, so any links that I’ve posted on my blog that goes directly to the site doesn’t work anymore. 😦 So, for those posts, watch the video from the alternate video links provided. You can watch this Star King episode using the Dailymotion video links. And, I’m really glad that my blog is helpful to you for finding SJ videos. ^__^

      ~ Vicki


      • Oww. Owkie thank you. In dailymotion, the videos keeps on buffering i think i have slow connection that’s why i didn’t watch much videos there. But thank you for your hard work!! ^_^ fighting ^^


  2. Looks like the dailymotion video is not available.. will you change it? i really want to watch it! Oh and i really love your website. I am kinda new to suju, so being able to find all these video really made my day. THANK YOU in advance 🙂


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