[5jib] Super Junior – [Mr.Simple] Performances [Part 2]

[5jib] Super Junior – [Mr.Simple] Performances [Part 1]




[09/09/2011] KBS Music Bank [Goodbye Stage]


Super Junior – Highway Romance [Eng Subs]

[Eng Subs] Super Junior & G.NA – Back Stage/Waiting Room

Mr. Simple

Today’s Winner [Eng Subs] [11th Win :)]


Credits: thesuperlegacy @ YouTube, MinHarem @ YouTube, kpopk1000 @ YouTube




[09/10/2011] MBC Music Core [Goodbye Stage]


Eunhyuk, Yesung, Kyuhyun MC Cuts [Eng Subs]

Mr. Simple


Credits: MBCkpop @ YouTube, abrendasubs @ YouTube




[09/11/2011] SBS Inkigayo [Goodbye Stage]


Super Junior – Interview [Eng Subs]

Super Junior K.R.Y – Good Person [Special Stage]

Superman + Mr. Simple

Super Junior – Loitering Song

[Alternate Link] Super Junior K.R.Y – Good Person [Eng Subs]


Credits: CrazyCarrotNew310 @ YouTube, thesuperlegacy @ YouTube, supernazu @ YouTube




[09/11/2011] KBS Open Concert


Sorry Sorry + Mr. Simple


Credits: wondergirlsppt3 @ YouTube




Super Junior – Mr. Simple @ Korea in Motion Festival 2011

Credits: arirangworld @ YouTube




[5jib] Super Junior – [Mr.Simple] Performances [Part 2] Playlist:

– This playlist includes all the above videos




[5jib] Super Junior – [A-Cha] Performances



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