[Index] [Before 3jib] SJ on Variety Shows (ENG)

[Index] [Before 3jib] SJ on Variety Shows (ENG)




[2006] Super Junior Mini Drama (ENG)

[2007] Super Summer (ENG)

[2008] Super Junior H – Idol Army (Eng Subs)

[2008] Unbelievable Outing S3 – Super Junior (Eng Subs)

[ENG] Yesung’s Radio: Miracle for You

[ENG] Leeteuk Cuts on Variety Shows

[Before 3jib] SJ – Interviews + Variety Shows (ENG)

[2007] Super Junior Animal Farm (Eng Subs)

[ENG] Super Junior – Boys In City Season 2

[ENG] Super Junior IPLE Unreleased Scene Episodes

[ENG] YSMM + Love Letter – Super Junior

[ENG] The Dad I Like – Heechul

[ENG] Band Of Brothers

We Got Married Season 1 (Eng Subs) – Super Junior’s Kangin & Lee Yoon Ji (Ep 39-55)


[ENG] Happy Shares Company with Kangin

[ENG] Happy Shares Company – Shindong

[ENG] Happy Shares Company – Heechul

[03/10/2007] [ENG] Star Golden Bell – Leeteuk & Shindong Cuts

[10/13/2007] Star King with 12 Super Junior Members (ENG)

[02/09/2008] Star Golden Bell – SuJu’s DH, YS, SD (ENG)

[07/15/2008] Star Golden Bell – SuJu’s Yesung & Shindong (ENG)

[08/30/2008] Star Golden Bell – SuJu’s EH, SD, YS (ENG)

[12/27/2008] Star Golden Bell – SuJu’s LT, EH, YS, SD (ENG)


6 thoughts on “[Index] [Before 3jib] SJ on Variety Shows (ENG)

  1. I know you don’t make the subs, but I’ve been searching for ages already for the super junior (eunhyuk and donghae) cut on kbs2 economic vitamin from 080303. It has been subbed by DBSJ productions, but their mediafire account has been suspended, so there’s no way anymore to download it. I was wondering if you know where can I watch it, ’cause I’ve searched all over the web, and just can’t find it 😦
    Thanks, and sorry for bothering you!


    • I did a brief search for that show for you and I couldn’t find any uploaded videos or working download links of it either. It’s a really old show and unfortunately nobody seems to have it uploaded and all the download links provided by DBSJ productions have been broken. I haven’t seen this show either, so I’m actually quite curious about it and want to watch it too, lol. I’ll continue searching for it when I have more time, and let you know if I manage to find any working links of it.

      ~ Vicki


      • Hello again! I just found, not this, but another show called Jihwaza (it’s pretty old as well), starring Donghae and Siwon (they are a few episodes). The quality is pretty low, but I never found a better quality. As I saw you don’t have it here, I was wondering if you were interested on it (I can give you mediafire links, since I don’t own a youtube account). Let me know if you want it, and I’ll give you the links 😀 (as always, thanks and keep up the good work!:D)


        • Hi! I definitely want the links. Thank you so much for giving them to me, really happy that you saw that I don’t have this show here and was willing to share what you found with me. 🙂 Don’t worry about the quality, I’m not surprised that it’s pretty low, considering that it’s hard to find good quality videos of any of SuJu’s old shows. When I post the links of this show on this site, I’ll also make sure to credit you for sharing them with me. ^__^

          ~ Vicki


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