[01/20/2012] Heechul’s SungDong Cafe (Eng Subs)

[01/20/2012] Heechul’s SungDong Cafe (Eng Subs)

Please take note that Heechul’s SungDong Cafe videos will be removed by the uploader/subber (YoSuperSmacky1315 @ YouTube) this Sunday, 1/29

Added links of cuts with English subs that were uploaded by YoSuperSmacky1315 @ YouTube



[Cut] Handsome + Greeting (Eng Subs)

[Cut] Server problem (Eng Subs)

[Cut] Marriage + Daesang (Eng Subs)

[Cut] Lagging? (Eng Subs)

[Cut] After work (Eng Subs)

[Cut] Elderly Heechul (Eng Subs)

[Cut] Sorry Sorry & Heechul talking about Daesang (Eng Subs)


Credits: YoSuperSmacky1315 @ YouTube, wahahalala @ YouTube



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