[Article] [01/27/2012] Super Junior’s Interview with IlganSports


After the 26th Golden Disk Awards that were held in Osaka, Japan earlier in the month, IlganSports caught up with Super Junior to discuss their second Daesang they received, their second after previously winning the award back in 2009.

IlganSports shared the interview with the public on January 26th, check out the interview with the members below!



-Congratulations on winning ‘Daesang’ for your album.

Thank You. I really can’t believe that we have won two Daesang to date at the Golden Disk Awards, it really does feel like I’m dreaming. We’re so thankful to have won four awards. We know that is only possible because of all our ELFs, and our beloved fans all over the world.”

-Your performance was really amazing tonight.

Actually, we started last year’s world tour right here (Osaka Kyocera Dome). We saw that a lot of our fans who came to that last year were here for us now. We were so touched and excited that I think we were able to put on a better performance. There was also the fact that we were performing at the Golden Disk Awards, and that carried a lot of weight.”

-How do you feel about IlganSports coining you the next Kang Ho Dong?

I saw the article, and of course I was excited. Part of me feels like it’s unmerited, while I also feel a new sense of responsibility. Just so thankful.”

-Seems like you’ve found your place on shows like ‘Star King’ and ‘Strong Heart’.

It’s a relief. To be honest, it was really bad when Ho Dong hyung left and the ratings were at an all-time low. There was also talk about changing the MCs and whatnot. So Boom hyung and I decided that we needed to work harder, and things seem to be much better on set now.”

-You have to enlist in the military this year.

Yes, it’s true. I need to go this year. I think maybe around the fall time. I want to do as much as possible before then. Maybe that’s why, but, I truly value everything I do and everything around me.”

-What are your dreams and goals for the future?

I would like to plant Super Junior schools all over the world.”



Choi Siwon

-This reminds us of our interview with you back in 2009, when you guys also won the ‘Daesang’ for your album.

Yes, I remember. We received the Daesang back then and you interviewed us at an eatery in Apgujeong. Can’t believe that time has passed so quickly already. I think Super Junior began receiving more love and support after we won the Daesang that the Golden Disk Awards that year (laughs).”

-How did your scandal with actress Kim Yunsuh come about?

It really doesn’t make any sense. If there is someone I really like, I’m usually very straight forward about it. My father who never calls me about work-related things was so shocked that he called me right away. He asked why I didn’t tell him ahead of time (laughs).”

-Then why do you think the rumors started?

We filmed maybe three scenes together for ‘Poseidon‘. And there was a time when we went to go cheer on Park Sung Gwang hyung for his new musical along with Lee Sung Jae, and some other actors. We took a photo there together with everyone in it, but the photos were edited to look like we took the photo alone. I think maybe that’s why the rumors began.”

-It must have been hard for you to lose both your grandmothers in the past year.

Yeah, I lost both my grandmothers in one year. I lost my grandmother on my father’s side in July, and my grandmother on my mother’s side on the 6th. This award ceremony was a little harder because it took place so soon after she passed away. I miss her even more today.”

-What will happen to you guys once Leeteuk enlists in the military?

There are a lot of different routes that we can take, but I think we will mostly promote as various units.”

-You have the most followers on Twitter, surpassing Lee Wae Soo.

Yeah, that happened towards the end of last year. I think with 1,100,000 followers, I surpassed senior Lee Wae Soo. Right now I have about 1,300,000 and I hope to surpass 3,000,000 by the end of this year. And I hope that collectively, we will have over 10,000,000 followers as a group.”




-Watching your performance tonight, it seems like you have the most Japanese fans within Super Junior.

I’m embarrassed. The other members are really popular too. But it seems like my looks appeal to them the most (laughs).”

-Why do you think that is?

They like they eyes without the double eyelid. Just kidding (laughs). I think it’s because of our ballad unit, K.R.Y. I think because we seem more familiar to them, they like us a little better.”

-You’re known as the best vocals of the group.

I can’t say that myself, it will seem like I’m bragging! I sang a lot in our song “Sorry Sorry”, but they seem to remember me more for my ‘Cinderella‘ soundtrack, “It Has To Be You.

-You came out on top twice on ‘Immortal Song 2′.

When I went out by myself, I made a promise with the other members that I would. I was glad I could keep that promise. If I ever get the chance, I’d like to be on the show again.”

-We are looking forward to your World Tour, ‘Super Show 4′ at the Tokyo Dome.

Me too. We will perform at the Tokyo Dome for two days on May 12th & 13th. There is a lot to prepare before then.”



-Your dance performance tonight was amazing.

It’s a high level dance called Freeze. While I was rehearsing, my arms couldn’t carry the weight of my body, so I fell a lot. I had to consistently work out.”

-Did you guys gather in Leeteuk’s room after your performance like always?

Of course. We have this habit of gathering in his room after all of our overseas performances. Nothing special, we just like to tell teach other that we all worked hard and plan for the future.”

-What did you guys decide today?

We made a promise to one another. We pinky-promised that we would promote as Super Junior 20-30 years from now.”

-You can’t seem to tolerate alcohol very well.

That’s why I am cheering with my carbonated beverage. The ones that drink the best are Siwon, Shindong, Ryeowook, and others, and the ones that can’t even handle a single drink are me and Donghae. We still know how to have a good time being sober though (laughs).”

-You were recently selected as the ugliest member of Super Junior…

Who told you that (laughs)? They only say that because it’s simply not true. I know I’m not the best looking, but I think there are at least three behind me (laughs).”

Eunhyuk shared a photo of himself from the ceremony on his Twitter page that night writing, “Mom I’m the champion!”, causing his fans who saw it to explode in laughter. It must be true that he knows how to have a good time, even without drinking.



-How do you feel about winning the awards tonight?

I don’t need to tell you how happy we are, that’s obvious, but I really missed my father tonight. He passed away, but I thought about how happy and proud he must have been for me.”

-We hear that of all the members, you have the widest circle of friends.

No way, Heechul hyung who is currently in the military has the widest circle of friends. I know a few people that he introduced me to (laughs).”

-We hear that you are the most popular amongst the female fans.

That hasn’t been proven. I don’t think I’m that popular when it comes to girls.”

-What was it like to be on ‘Match’?

There were a few people that chose me, but I didn’t become an actual couple with anyone. We filmed the entire day, but choosing someone within that short amount of time was difficult.”

-Any last words on what the award ceremony meant for you?

That’s something the leader should answer… first of all, I’m just glad that Super Junior has been widely acknowledged in Korea as well as overseas, and I’m so glad that the members trust one another and have been together for this long. We hope to see IlganSports at the Golden Disk Awards next year as well.”

(ShindongRyeowookSungmin, and Kyuhyun were unavailable for interviews.)


Source & Image : IlganSports via Nate, Ilgan Sports via Nate via Allkpop
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusid


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