Super Junior – Sorry Sorry [3rd Album]

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry [3rd Album]




Sorry Sorry MV




Sorry Sorry MV [Dance Version]

Sorry Sorry MV (Eng Subs)


* Album released on March 12, 2009


Why I Like You 니가 좋은 이유 (Eng Subs)

Let’s Not 마주치지 말자 (Eng Subs)
* Super Junior K.R.Y

Angela 앤젤라 (Eng Subs)

Reset (Eng Subs)

Monster [Fan-made MV] (Eng Subs)  //  Monster (Eng Subs)

What If (Eng Subs)  //  What If [Live] (Eng Subs)

Heartquake 이별… 넌 쉽니 (Eng Subs)  //  Heartquake 이별… 넌 쉽니 [Live] (Eng Subs)
* featuring TVXQ’s U-Know & Micky

Club No.1 (Eng Subs)
* featuring Lee Yeon Hee

Happy Together (Eng Subs)

Dead At Heart 죽어있는 것 (Eng Subs)

Shining Star (Eng Subs)



It’s You 너라고 MV




It’s You 너라고 MV [Drama Version]  //  It’s You 너라고 MV [Dance Version]

It’s You 너라고 MV (Eng Subs) // It’s You 너라고 MV [Dance Version] (Eng Subs)


She Wants It 그녀는 위험해 (Eng Subs)

Love Disease 사랑이 죽는 병 (Eng Subs)

Love U More 첫번째 이야기 (Eng Subs)
* Composed by: Ryeowook, Lyrics by: Ryeowook & Sungmin



Sorry Sorry Answer MV




Sorry Sorry Answer MV (Eng Subs)


Sorry Sorry [Japanese Version]


Playlist of all the above videos: Sorry Sorry [3rd album]


All credits for these videos goes to the people who uploaded and subbed them on YouTube. Thank You! 🙂


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