05/01/2012 Update: I’m going to be very busy this week and the next few weeks with schoolwork, exams, and personal responsibilities, so I’m letting everyone know that I probably won’t be able to update the blog as frequently and it might take a while to post the links of new English subbed videos with SJ. I’m sorry about this and hope everyone can continue coming to my blog and find it helpful.


Let me know if any links are broken or not working by commenting on the individual post/page or on the Report Broken Links page, so that I can try to replace those links. Thanks 🙂

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01/31/2012: I won’t be able to update the blog with new posts as frequently as the past weeks since I’m going to be very busy with school and doing lots of homework. 😦 Still, I’m going to try my best to update with new links as fast as possible, as well as working on posting links of old shows and performances. 🙂 I hope you guys will continue to visit my blog, comment, and find my blog helpful. If you guys have any suggestions/comments on ways to improve my blog, I would love to hear them, just leave them on the [01] Questions & Comments post.

03/09/2012: I’ve decided to close the poll since not many people were voting in it. The results were 3:2 in favor of me posting links of variety shows (with English subs) of MBLAQ. Thus, I’ve decided that when I have time and there are no variety shows of Super Junior to update, I’ll work on an MBLAQ tab/category.

03/14/2012 Update: Strong Heart Episodes with English subs

03/22/2012 Update: Super Show 2 [DVD] ALL Links Fixed 🙂

03/24/2012 Update: Strong Heart Episodes 68 & 122 with English subs added

04/04/2012 Update: Strong Heart Ep 123 & 124 (YG Special) (Eng Subs)

04/14/2012 Updates:
— New post added – Questions & Comments

— Link fixed for the MV >> Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk – Oppa Oppa Japanese Ver. MV
And added the link of the making of the MV with subs

— More performances added from the DVD >> SM Town in Tokyo Dome
EXO category added / New post added – EXO-M (Interviews & Variety Shows)

04/15/2012 Updates:
— New interesting question asked by Jenni – Do you think Super Junior is one of the Top 10 most popular bands in Korea? And…
Reply with your answer & thoughts to the question if you have time and/or comment on your thoughts about my answer to that question.

04/24/2012 Update: EXO-M (Interviews & Variety Shows) post updated

04/25/2012 Updates:
EXO-M — [04/25/2012] Music Billboard Chart 音乐风云榜 (Eng Subs) added
Strong Heart Ep 125 & 126 (Eng Subs)


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