I’m back & Updating the blog

08/30/2012 Updates:

– Updated Immortal Song 2 until the most recent English subbed episode, Ep 60.

* NOTE: To subscribers of my blog, I sincerely apologize for spamming your email with multiple emails of new posts at the same time, I’m really sorry. I created these posts at different time, but to avoid confusion for myself on which episode I still need to create a post for, I’ve decided to publish all the posts at the same time.

– New Strong Heart episodes with English subs added.

– Updated: Radio Star episodes with Kyuhyun (Eng Subs)


Hi everyone! πŸ™‚ I’m back from vacation and starting to update the blog with new posts of variety shows with Super Junior. Thanks to everyone who visited my blog (83,520 views overall xD ) and for the people who left comments about broken links and other stuff, I’ll definitely reply back, but it might take me some time as currently I’m busy with schoolwork since I’m taking lots of hard classes this semester. So, I won’t be able to update as frequently as I would like but I’m definitely going to try my best to keep this blog updated with any new links I find of English subbed variety shows with Super Junior.

~ Vicki

If you watched any English subbed variety shows or videos of Super Junior (especially during this 6jib promotion) and I don’t have that show listed in my blog, please share the links with me by commenting below so that I can make a new post for them or add them to a existing post so that other ELFs and Kpop fans would also be able to watch that video with English subs. Thanks. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “I’m back & Updating the blog

  1. How was your vacation? So glad you’re back, Vicki πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    There are so many links to SJ’s videos during 6jib promotion out there, mostly subbed by NKSub. I hope you can organize them in this blog so that many elf can easily find them πŸ˜€


    • My vacation in China was really fun and relaxing, it was really cool visiting the capital, Beijing. πŸ™‚
      Hope you had a great summer as well. And, yep, I’m going to be busy organizing links of SJ variety show videos on my blog from the 6jib promotion.

      ~ Vicki


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