[09/08/2012] Tainan Music Festival – SJ-M & EXO-M Fancams

[09/08/2012] Tainan Music Festival – SJ-M & EXO-M Fancams


Super Junior M

Super Girl

Member Introductions / Talk

At Least I Still Have You 至少還有你

Kyuhyun – 新不了情 / [HD] Kyuhyun – 新不了情

Destiny 命運線

Ryeowook, Zhou Mi, Eunhyuk – 愛不單行 (1) / 愛不單行 (2) / (Ryeowook-Focused) 愛不單行

Talk 2

Perfection 太完美 (1) / Perfection (2)

Ending Talk (1) / Ending Talk (2)




Angel 你的世界

Member Introductions / Talk



Credits: si5441, ashleewu, kissmilk0709, secretkyu, 6X9RYOKYU @YouTube



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