1st Year Anniversary ^__^ and New Theme

Hi everyone! 🙂

Today is the 1st year anniversary of my site (Love Super Junior 13+2 ♥ / https://superzvicki.wordpress.com/), and I’m super happy!! ^__^ My blog was officially opened to the public last year on Jan. 2, 2012, though I was already working on the blog several months beforehand. Wow, it definitely felt like time passes very quickly sometimes, as it has already been a year since I’ve made this blog public and have been updating and posting links of English subbed Super Junior videos.

Thank you to all my subscribers, Twitter followers, and readers/visitors of my blog for visiting my blog so often and leaving nice and encouraging comments. Even though I couldn’t update and post links on my site as often as I like to due to lots of schoolwork and personal responsibilities, I’ve like to thank everyone who have continue coming to my blog and sticking with me (even through my hiatus last summer for vacation xD ). I’m really happy that my site is a helpful resources for ELFs and other kpop fans as well for finding links of subbed videos. And as an ELF, this is one way that I’m trying to spread the love for Super Junior, as some of the biggest charms of SuJu are how hilarious they are on variety shows (watch them on days when you’re feeling down or sad, and SJ will definitely make you feel better and laughing again 😉 ) and their amazing music that I love listening to. If you like my blog and find it helpful, please help me spread the word about it and let others know about my site.

And lastly to celebrate my 1st year anniversary of this site, I’ve decided to change the theme of my site. 🙂 What do you guys think about the new theme?? Isn’t it cute?? Do you like this new theme better or the old one? 

Also, since I’ve switched themes for the site, I’m worried that some posts/pages or some parts of the site might appear weirdly: like the words on some posts may be missing, cut off, hard to read or the pictures are missing from the posts, appear weirdly, or the embedded videos aren’t showing up. So, please let me know if there’s anything wrong or weird with the site or with any of my posts/pages by leaving a comment below, it’ll be really helpful to me as I’m trying to work with this new theme.

As the weather is extremely cold now, stay warm everyone and try not to catch a cold.^^

~ Vicki



4 thoughts on “1st Year Anniversary ^__^ and New Theme

  1. I just want to say that i’m so thankful to you because of your helpful blog, i can ‘see’ more super junior video with the eng sub..i totally agreed with you..super junior always make me smile or even laugh.. they are super adorable…they make me happy in very silly and cute ways…thank you again vicki…=) and happy bithday to your wonderful blog.,.


  2. Hello there!
    I just wanted to thank you for this amazing site as well ^^ Now I can watch videos of my favorite group whenever I want and that’s all thanks to you!
    The new theme is really lovely, I like it. Which lead me to wish you a happy 1st year anniversary XD I can’t believe this site only has 1 year… You really did a good job 🙂
    Thank you!


    • LOVE your comment, thanks ^__^ I’m glad you like the new theme because I find it really cute too, the fishy theme makes me think of fishy Donghae xD who’s one of my biases in SJ.

      ~ Vicki


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