[Fancams] [01/19/2013] SJ-M Nanjing Fanmeeting

[01/19/2013] Kyuhyun’s Weibo Update


SJ-M — Go

Kyuhyun & Henry (playing the piano) — 那些年 / Those Years / Na Xie Nian   (You Are the Apple of My Eye OST)

Siwon & Ryeowook & Eunhyuk — 星晴   (Jay Chou’s song)

Zhou Mi — Distant Embrace / 距離的擁抱 / Ju Li De Yong Bao

SJ-M Band (Henry – violin, Sungmin – guitar, Siwon – bass,  Eunhyuk – drum, Ryeowook – piano) — Love is Sweet (幸福微甜) + U + Sorry Sorry

Siwon — You Raise Me Up

Donghae & Eunhyuk — Hello

SJ-M — Me (迷) Acoustic + Dance Version

SJ-M — Good Bye My Love / 完美的再見

SJ-M — A-Oh!

SJ-M — Break Down


YT Playlist: (Fancams) SJ-M Nanjing Fanmeeting

* All video credits goes to the people who uploaded these videos on YouTube. 🙂


If you know any great fancams of the performances or talks during SJ-M Nanjing fanmeeting that isn’t included in my YT playlist, please share them by commenting with the links below. I’ll add the video(s) into the playlist and credit you for sharing it. Also, if anybody found any fancam of Zhou Mi’s solo, please share them with me (I couldn’t find any fancams of Zhou Mi’s solo >_< ) Thanks. 🙂

~ Vicki



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