[Article] [04/18/2013] Shindong Interview with Newsen

Super Junior has many members, and these many members are working in many different fields. Shindong said “Leeteuk/Eunhyuk DJ-ed on ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’ for 5 years and 3 months. In 3 months, I will become 1st place (in longest to DJ)”

Shindong received ‘half bronze mouth’ for his 5 years as DJ. “I feel pressured but I feel very happy. Many people call and ask ‘isn’t the program too loud for midnight?’. If I had gotten the call after making a mistake, I would think ‘I need to do better’ but the concept of our program is to be loud. We get those calls because we are funny and loud, so I feel that people have started to give us some attention. Radio has been forgotten by many but I feel very happy about doing well in it. The viewing % is doing well too.”

He is DJ-ing alone now but at first, he DJ-ed with Kim Shin Young, then with Kara’s Park Gyuri. “Shinyoung noona is really great in discussions. She really likes to be precise so she doesn’t slack off when it comes to preparing. I changed to be like her. Gyuri was the opposite. We didn’t have to prepare before, we matched well. She also was good at reading the atmosphere so whenever I tried to do something, she caught it right away. Both were great.”

He said the biggest crisis was when Park Gyuri left the Radio. When the time arrived for him to DJ alone, he felt very nervous. “At first, I was unable to swallow… and was unable to go to the bathroom. I felt very pressured. If you leave a gap between your ments, that would cause trouble so I tried my best to say whatever I could… It was very hard but it got better after a week. I feel sorry to Gyuri and Shinyoung noona but I feel more comfortable alone now. I didn’t know when they were with me but I guess I tried to stay out of the way for the other DJ. Without that now, I feel comfortable.”

What gave him the strength to continue this one program for such a long time? Shindong replied “The loudness in the middle of the night! I just talk. Even on tired days, when the radio starts, I feel very energetic.”

“Warm and kind phrases don’t mix well with our program. Our program is more towards being honest but controlled. You can’t just be honest and say whatever you want. You can be straight forward and honest but have to be controlled. I try my best to control myself.”

There must have been a time where he made a mistake. Shindong said “I was late in going into the studio twice because I was sleeping before.. and I fell asleep during a song once. English caused me lots of troubles. The biggest mistake I made was pronouncing TVXQ’s “Wrong Number” as “luong Number”.”

“Most mistakes I make are troubles with pronunciation. I think I almost cursed once. When men talk with each other, they use informal language. I worried that I would curse or use informal language without thinking. After doing radio for months, the way I talked changed. Even when I order for food, I talk like I am doing a radio. When I go out to drink with friends, I talk like I am MC-ing.”

When MBC employees were on a strike, Shindong had to broadcast while working all the machines himself. “It was very fun. It wasn’t that hard. I had great interest in the machines so I always wanted to try. At first, it was hard to take care of both the songs and DJ-ing.”

Same group member Ryeowook is doing ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’ at KBS. It’s a different broadcasting company but Ryeowook recently came on ShimShimTaPpa’s 5th anniversary broadcast. Shindong said “it’s a nonsense broadcast. I really have fun making the broadcast full of variety.”

He added “I will go on ‘Sukira’ too. I will shout ‘ShimShimTaPpa’ there. Ryeowook shouted ‘KBS!!’ here. And in past, there was a time when we called each other. Leeteuk / Eunhyuk were the DJs then and I was on MBC ‘Shining Star Night’. We called each other during broadcast.”

Because guests appear, Shindong has a wide variety of connections. Shindong said “I have gained many acquaintances. Many rookies come on our show and I try to ask a new question. I love machines so I always use computer, notebook (laptop), and smartphone. When I use the internet, I learn many information about the guests. Guests really like it when you have a common interest. They have talked about their albums in other radios so they don’t have to promote it on ours. I feel that it’s best to have them comfortable.”

The radio starts at midnight and ends at 2AM. “My idea about time has changed so I feel that 2 AM isn’t a late time. For normal people, 2AM is very late. I feel that 2AM is just beginning of the day. My day and night has changed.”

While searching online, there was a post about ‘Shindong is a Genius’. It was about him having many talents and running a business while doing Super Junior activities.

Shindong, who always carry around electronic device, said he knew about this post. “Many people misunderstand and think I knew and done everything perfectly but at first, it was very hard and I received lots of pain. The most important thing is experience. Even after going to business explanation classes, and hearing advices, it’s very hard to start (a business). You get scarred and many other events happen. After experiencing it, I learned not just about starting a business but how to live my life while doing celebrity activities.”

“People ask why I don’t just focus on celebrity activities but I think doing side business helps you do better in celebrity activities. People who have been in the celebrity world since they were young don’t know many things like taxes you have to pay. I wanted to experience everything so I went to the district office myself to get a business permit. After experiencing all myself, I was able to talk about it better on my radio.”

He continued “I entered SM when I was 20 so I was able to experience everything in a student life. Many idols these days started in their teen age, and have no experience in playing and college. I attended college for 1 year then started my training years. Because of the experience I have, I can talk better in radio.”

“People ask if I do side business to make money but it is not that. I want to experience. Let’s say a chicken restaurant owner came on my radio. If I don’t know anything about that business, I wouldn’t have anything to ask but since I have experienced it, I would have many things to ask. Opening a business is a good quality to have as a celebrity. I want to try many things.”

Shindong has edited a video before. He produced Donghae,Eunhyuk’s “Oppa Oppa” himself. “I wanted to try being a music video producer. with good machines and help from other producers, I think I would be able to make a better one. Right now, I make them without any preparation before. But if I do try following the real way, I think I will do much better.”

We asked him about diet too. Shindong said he is not on a diet right now. “I don’t have pressure from how I appear. I go on a diet when I need to, and I stop when I don’t need to. I do what I want.”

9 members are currently active in Super Junior. In May, Yesung will enlist and the number will go down to 8. Shindong said he is very worried about standing on the stage.

“When it comes to showing Super Junior’s stage, the outstanding scale of it is the first thing to show.. but as members leave one by one, the public may not feel the same way but I feel very sad about it. Before, we didn’t even think about using dancers but with ‘Super Show 5’ this time, we used dancers. I liked the image of ‘Super Junior has many members’… worrying that we would look small.. I couldn’t stand it. The public may feel 10 members and 8 members the same way but it is not the same for us. When we look in the mirror while practicing, 8 members and 10 members has a big difference.”

Super Junior will start their South America tour on 21st. Shindong said “We want to show many things about Super Junior performances. Many people think concerts are still ‘what you go with your lover’ or ‘only fans go’. We want to get rid of that. We want to create a concert where everybody can come.”

He continued “when songs they don’t know come out, they don’t feel excited. That’s why we try to give a mix of comedy into it by dressing up in costumes. Many have hard time coming as a family but we SM have a family zone. But the public does not know this. And they don’t come. We want to show our concert culture to many places and come back to Korea to show it again. We want to show that concert = ‘Super show’. Honestly, I think our concert is the best.”

Source; StarNews Translated by; Youngwoonjungsu @ sj-empire.com


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