[2013] Henry Lau – Other Videos

[2013] Henry Lau – Other Videos


[06/13/2013] Mnet Wide Entertainment News – Henry & Kyuhyun & Taemin Cut (Eng Subs)

[06/13/2013] Y-Star News – Henry & Kyuhyun & Taemin Cut (Eng Subs)

**NEW** [Raw] [06/13/2013] 황금카메라 – Henry & Ryeowook Cut

[06/23/2013] Showbiz Korea: Behind the scene stories of “Simply K-Pop” (Henry Cuts: 00:34-03:32, 12:43-12:52)

[06/25/2013] Showbiz Korea: Music Video shoot of Henry’s “Trap”

[06/26/2013] Henry Lau’s Message to Pinoy ELF

[07/01/2013] Pops in Seoul – Henry (Trap)

[07/02/2013] Simply Kpop – Henry Cut

[07/24/2013] KBS K-pop World Festival 2013 in Thailand – Henry’s Message / Link 2


[Raw] [07/29/2013] Mnet Wide – Henry

Question: Which hyung do you wish that he was younger than you?
Henry: Donghae hyung. I have a recording studio at home and Donghae hyung comes whenever he wishes too. When he leaves, my equipment all stop working properly. So if he was younger, I can (scold) him. Second is Kyuhyun hyung. He makes fun of my voice and imitates how I sing. But you can continue to do it, my voice is like that and I cannot change it.

– Credit: @StringswHenry


**NEW** [07/31/2013] JJANG! #45 – Henry Interview

**NEW** [08/09/2013] JJANG! #46 – Henry Interview Part 2

**NEW** [09/13/2013] JJANG! #51 – KCON Special (Henry Cuts: 04:46-05:40, 13:08-15:08, 18:27-18:41)

**NEW** [09/14/2013] Show Champion Backstage – Henry & Amber Cut (Eng Subs)

**NEW** [09/15/2013] Showbiz Korea: Music Video Shoot of Henry’s 1-4-3 (Eng Subs)

**NEW** [09/27/2013] Henry’s celebratory message for opening of official K-POP Channel on YouTube

**NEW** [09/29/2013] Henry’s movie “Final Recipe” Trailer


All credits for these videos goes to the people who uploaded and subbed them on YouTube
Compiled and Shared by https://superzvicki.wordpress.com/


Updated Post: 10/04/2013


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