Barefoot Friends Episodes 12-15 (Eng Subs)

Barefoot Friends Episodes 12-15 (Eng Subs)

Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Kim Hyun Joong, Uee (After School), Yoon Si Yoon, Kang Ho Dong, Yoon Jong Shin, Eun Ji Won

Barefoot Friends vs. Idols Diving Competition (Ep 12-14)

Guests: 2PM (Junho, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Junsu), MBLAQ (Lee Joon), 2AM (Jo Kwon), INFINITE (Dongwoo, Woohyun, L, Hoya, Sungjong), SISTAR (Hyorin, Soyu, Dasom, Bora), Rainbow (No Eul, Jaekyung, Woori, Yoon Hye)

International Diving Masters Competition (Ep 14-15)



[07/07/2013] Barefoot Friends Ep 12 (Eng Subs)

(Kshownow) Episode 12


[07/14/2013] Barefoot Friends Ep 13 (Eng Subs)

(Kshownow) Episode 13


[07/21/2013] Barefoot Friends Ep 14 (Eng Subs)

(Kshownow) Episode 14


[07/28/2013] Barefoot Friends Ep 15 (Eng Subs)

(Kshownow) Episode 15


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