03/30/2014 Update:

Hi everyone! 🙂 Sorry for being so inactive for the past several weeks on my blog…I’ve been incredibly busy this year due to school and work, so I just didn’t have much time to post new links and update my blog. Thus, I’m sadly informing everyone that I probably won’t be posting on my blog frequently and that the blog will be on semi-hiatus. I’ll definitely post whenever I have the free time to. ^^ Also, I would like to thank everyone that left such supportive comments on my blog…I was really happy and touched when I read every single one. And thank you to all the people that followed my blog, Twitter and Facebook. ❤

Since many videos are frequently being removed from streaming sites (like YT and DM), I know that a lot of the older links that I’ve posted are broken and I’ve noticed all the comments letting me know about them. I’ll try to find alternate video links for those removed videos whenever I have time and update those posts. However, unfortunately for some of the older shows, most of them aren’t re-uploaded by anyone again so I won’t be able to add new links. 😥 Once again, thanks for commenting, liking and sharing my posts, and following my blog. 😀 Many comments were left on the posts and I’ll definitely reply to all of them in the coming days.

And like all the international ELF, I’m super excited and happy about Super Junior M’s comeback. #SWING is a really good song and I love the dance choreography and funny MV. I’m really happy that Henry is getting more recognized and popular since he deserves it all as he’s extremely talented and hardworking. Let’s continue supporting and loving SJ-M! ❤

⭐ Vicki


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  1. I’m sorry to hear that and I hope that when your school work dies down you will come back and post more… Super Junior -M fighting!


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