Jan 23, 2016 Blog Updates:

Hello everyone,
It’s been a long period of time since I’ve posted and updated my blog. I was very busy with my personal life and didn’t had extra time to spend working on the blog. 😭 But, I’ve definitely been keeping up with news about Super Junior (still fangirling hehe) and Kpop through Twitter. 😍 So, whenever I have time now, I’ll update with links of videos that I’ve found/watched that haven’t been posted on my blog before. I’m planning to post links of newer videos first, and then go back to posting older ones and fixing links of older shows if other videos are still available.

Some changes that I’ve made to my blog that some of you may have noticed:

  • Changed the title/name of my blog to Everlasting Love
  • Changed the blog’s background. I hope you like the new background

Thank you to all my blog subscribers for continuing to support my blog, and fans for visiting and leaving nice comments. 🙂

❤ Vicki


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