About Me

Hello everyone! 🙂 Welcome to my blog! ^^
My name is Vicki.
I’m proud to be an ELF (Super Junior fan) and will continue loving and supporting them as long as possible. ❤ My biases are Donghae and Leeteuk.
Other idol groups that I’m also a fan of are: SHINee, Nine Percent, Highlight, GOT7, BTOB, KARD.
I love listening to Kpop & Cpop and watching Chinese dramas.

I created this blog to post links of English subbed videos of Super Junior, other Kpop idol groups, and Kpop variety shows. I love watching SJ variety shows and their performances, so I hope through this blog, other fans would have an easier time finding SJ videos to watch as well. ^^

I didn’t upload or sub the videos posted on this blog (unless specifically stated otherwise in the credits). I don’t know Korean, so please don’t leave requests asking if I can sub something because I can’t >.<

Hope you guys like my blog! ^^
Feel free to leave comments and questions.
Subscribe to my blog via email to receive notifications of new posts. Or follow me on Twitter @superzvicki to stay updated on new posts or fixed links on old posts.

~ Vicki (superzvicki)


(Note: All credits for the videos and video links goes to the original subbers & uploaders [unless specifically stated otherwise] and are posted underneath the videos/links. If anyone has a problem with me posting a specific link/video/picture because you own it or doesn’t want it to be shared, please let me know and I can take it down immediately. Most of the pictures I’ve included on the pages & posts are found through Google search unless specifically stated otherwise in the credits.)

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