About Me

Hello everyone! 🙂 Welcome to my blog! ^^
My name is Vicki.
I’m proud to be an ELF (Super Junior fan) and will continue loving and supporting them as long as possible. ❤ My biases are Donghae and Leeteuk.
Other Kpop idols that I’m also a fan of are: SHINee, EXO, GOT7, MBLAQ, 2PM, miss A, G.NA, CNBLUE, BEAST, Royal Pirates.
I love listening to Kpop & Cpop and watching Taiwanese dramas.

I created this blog to post links of English subbed videos of Super Junior, other Kpop idol groups, and Kpop variety shows. I love watching SJ variety shows and their performances, so I hope through this blog, other fans would have an easier time finding SJ videos to watch as well. ^^

I didn’t upload or sub the videos posted on this blog (unless specifically stated otherwise in the credits). I don’t know Korean, so please don’t leave requests asking if I can sub something because I can’t >.<

Hope you guys like my blog! ^^
Feel free to leave comments and questions.
Subscribe to my blog via email to receive notifications of new posts. Or follow me on Twitter or Facebook to stay updated on new posts or fixed links on old posts.

Twitter: @superzvicki
Facebook: Vicki
YouTube Channel: superzvicki7 @YouTube

~ Vicki (superzvicki)


(Note: All credits for the videos and video links goes to the original subbers & uploaders [unless specifically stated otherwise] and are posted underneath the videos/links. If anyone has a problem with me posting a specific link/video/picture because you own it or doesn’t want it to be shared, please let me know and I can take it down immediately. Most of the pictures I’ve included on the pages & posts are found through Google search unless specifically stated otherwise in the credits.)

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