All About Super Junior ‘Treasure Within Us’ DVD Cuts (Eng Subs)


All About Super Junior TREASURE WITHIN US contains 6 DVDs totaling 378 minutes footage and special postcards. They will document the look of Super Junior since their debut.
Events include activities from debut to present, raw footage from various music video filmings, Super Show 4 behind the scenes, the 7th anniversary party with ELF, the stories at the SBS Inkigayo stage and other activities, scenes of enjoying a vacation at the city centre, live cooking competition, stories between members, etc.

The DVD was released on July 28 2014 while the DVD preview (photobook) was released prior to that on the 21st.

– Credit: (edited by superzvicki)


Please support Super Junior by purchasing the DVD if you have the means to. โค ๐Ÿ™‚


All About Super Junior DVD – English Subbed Videos:

**NEW** [FULL] AASJ DVD 1 (Eng Subs)

Hidden Camera (Eng Subs)

7th Anniversary Party (Eng Subs)

(1-4) Mafia Game (Eng Subs): Vimeo / VK Video

(2-2) Super Junior Ranking (Eng Subs): Vimeo / YouTube

(2-3) At Jakarta Hotel (Eng Subs): Vimeo / YouTube

(4-1) Twins MV Making & Debut (Eng Subs)

(4-13) Super Junior Happy – Cooking Cooking MV Making (Eng Subs): Vimeo / YouTube

It’s You MV Making (Eng Subs)

Sorry Sorry Answer MV Making (Eng Subs)

Sexy, Free & Single MV Making (Eng Subs)

Super Junior Happy – Pajama Party MV Making (Eng Subs)

Joint Birthday Party (Eng Subs)

Super Junior M – ๅคชๅฎŒ็พŽ (Perfection) MV Making (Eng Subs)

Healing Junior (Eng Subs)

AASJ DVD – Donghae Cuts (Eng Subs)

AASJ DVD – TVXQ Cut (Eng Subs)

**NEW** AASJ DVD – Eunhyuk Cuts (Eng Subs)

Credit: @Beyond_rea83, @Cyndi0220, haehyuk8693 @YouTube, Cathy Huang @YouTube, ecaismevy subs @YouTube, Mariz Castro @YouTube, Wing YeeDH @YouTube
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[RAW] All About Super Junior DVD – NO English Subs:

(3-1) AASJ Preview Photoshoot: Vimeo / YouTube

(3-4) 7th Anniversary Party

(YouTube Links) AASJ DVD 1 / AASJ DVD 2 / AASJ DVD 3 / AASJ DVD 4 / AASJ DVD 5 / AASJ DVD 6

(Tudou Links) AASJ DVD 1 (pw: xiyou) / AASJ DVD 2 / AASJ DVD 3 / AASJ DVD 4 / AASJ DVD 5 / AASJ DVD 6 (pw: helloxiyou)

(Youku Links) AASJ Part 1 (191min) / AASJ Part 2 (184min)

Credit: @Beyond_rea83, @kikiikyu, lovekyu haemin(YouTube), ๅœจ็‰†้‚Šๅพ˜ๅพŠ็š„่›‹่›‹่›‹ๅ…’(Tudou), ๆกƒๅญvicky(Youku), Mariz Castro(YouTube)
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All About Super Junior DVD Preview Photobook – Scans with English Translations:

Sitting Cushion Quiz


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Updated: 08/26/2014


13 thoughts on “All About Super Junior ‘Treasure Within Us’ DVD Cuts (Eng Subs)

  1. is the original dvd contain eng sub? there are many full videos in youtube but too sad it doesn’t contain eng sub and i really don’t understand their conversation T.T
    I’ll definitely buy the dvd if it contain eng sub

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh.. thankyu o much.. I’m so gratefull of this posting.. bcause I’m an Elf who can’t buy the DVD cuz of the high prize, but the love for them is more expensive even can’t imagine.. and this information very much help me.. thanks for your links.. I know many Elfs also just like my conditions, feeling gratefully too about this information.. Thankyou so much.. ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! ^__^ I’m glad my post helped you. And I totally understand about not being able to buy SJ DVDs and goods because of the expensive prices…I’m a student so I usually can’t afford to buy all their stuff too even though I really want to >.<


    • Thanks for letting me know that the video link is broken. ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately, I didn’t downloaded the video so I can’t reupload it since I don’t have a copy…and it seems like nobody else has reupload that video either ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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