[2012 & 2013] Random Interviews & Videos with Super Junior (Eng Subs)

[2012 & 2013] Random Interviews & Videos with Super Junior (Eng Subs)

Updated Post: 01/03/2014


[01/28/2012] Infinite’s Birth Of A Family – Sungmin & Ryeowook Cut (Eng Subs)

[07/03/2012] Jack the Ripper Musical Interview – Sungmin Cut (Eng Subs)

[07/15/2012] Gag Concert – Leeteuk Cut (Eng Subs)

Ai-Qi-Yi Interview with EH, KH, RW, SM – Shirtless Eunhyuk + Kyuhyun in the dorm (Eng Subs)

KBS World Radio – Chat with Super Junior (with English translations) — Part 1 / Part 2

[09/18/2012] Kyuhyun’s Nylon Photoshoot (Eng Subs)

[10/20/2012] Jaejoong mentions about SJ’s Heechul @ Nanjing Fan Meeting (Eng Subs) / Hardsub link
♥ DBSJ Interactions 🙂 True friendship last forever!

[10/22/2012] King of Drama Interview – Siwon (Eng Subs)

[10/24/2012] Catch Me If You Can Cast Interview – Kyuhyun Cut (Eng Subs)

[10/24/2012] Danny’s Music Show – Leeteuk Cut (Eng Subs)

[10/28/2012] Section TV interview with Siwon (Eng Subs)

[11/19/2012] Donghae hitting Kangin ㅋㅋㅋ (Uploaded by Kangin to his YT channel)

[11/23/2012] Go Show – Yesung Cuts (Eng Subs) / FB Link

[12/03/2012] tvN Enews 100억 벌어 딸랑 100원쓰는 스타 – Leeteuk (Eng Subs)

Lord of the Dramas – Siwon swimming

Siwon MBC Radio Commercial (Eng Subs)

[12/14/2012] Leeteuk Army Interview (Eng Subs)

[01/10/2013] Pops in Seoul – Sexy, Free & Single Dance Tutorial (Eng Subs)

Super Junior’s Leeteuk -【The Promise】Musical Documentary (Eng Subs) — Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5
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SMTown I AM Movie (Eng Subs)

SMTown I AM Movie (Eng Subs)

I AM SMTOWN The Days of Youth 2012


FULL movie with English subs

**Above Link also includes SMTOWN in New York (Madison Square Garden) Concert with English subs


Updated Post: 05/10/2013

[2005-2008] Super Junior Performances

[2005-2008] Super Junior Performances


A YouTube Playlist of some of Super Junior performances on music shows from their debut to 2008. 🙂

If there are any really awesome performances that aren’t in the playlist, please share it with me and other fellow ELFs by commenting below.


Super Junior Performances


[5jib] Super Junior – Other Videos

[5jib] Super Junior – Other Videos

Updated: 02/10/2012


[HD] CeCi Magazine Behind The Scene with Super Junior

[08/17/2011] Super Junior’s Yesung ranked #4 on Mnet Idol Chart Show
– Mnet listed a chart called: “If these idols came to Super Star K, they would become hot issue.”  There are 15 idols, Yesung is ranked as #4

Super Junior M – Japan Mini Album 太完美 (Perfection) – Undisclosed Clip

[08/19/2011] [Eng Subs] Leeteuk & Yesung introducing KBS shows

[08/19/2011] Yesung & Kyuhyun: It Has To Be You @ Ok Juhyun’s Music Station Radio

[08/19/2011] Young Street: Heechul & Kyuhyun – 7 Years of Love

[Eng Subs] Heechul’s Message to Fans Before Joining the Army
– Super Junior’s Heechul left a thank you message to fans before he enlisted in the army.
He said “I would like to thank E.L.F for everything you’ve done for me and I will be back after two years.” Please give your support to Heechul who will be back to us in good health.

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