Explorers of the Human Body


[2007] Explorers of the Human Body (Eng Subs)

Explorers of the Human Body (also known as Exploration of the Human Body) is a reality learning show, with Shin Dong Yup as the MC and almost all the Super Junior members were also present for each episode. It ran for 13 40-minute episodes from November 11, 2007 to February 3, 2008. The show’s aim was to answer curious questions about the human body, where the Super Junior members perform the answers by doing experiments with their own bodies.

– Credit: Wikipedia


Episode 1: Tongue & Eyes
All members present except Kyuhyun

Episode 2: Stomach
All members present except Kyuhyun

Episode 3: Strength Part I
All members present except Kyuhyun and Heechul

Episode 4: Strength Part II
All members present except Kyuhyun, Heechul, and Hangeng

Episode 5: Laughter
All members present except Kyuhyun and Heechul

Episode 6: Balance
All members present except Kyuhyun, Heechul, Yesung, and Kangin

Episode 7: Flexibility
All members present

Episode 8: Tears
All members present

Episode 9: Reflexes Part I (with TVXQ)
All members present

Episode 10: Reflexes Part II (with TVXQ)
All members present

Episode 11: Archery
All members present except Hangeng and Siwon

Episode 12: Breathing Underwater
All members present except Siwon

Episode 13: Dogs’ Sense of Smell (Last Episode)
All members present except Hangeng and Siwon




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All 13 episodes with English subs:

Ep 1 – Full

Ep 2 – Full

Ep 3 – Full

Ep 4 – Full

Ep 5 – Full

Ep 6 – Full

Ep 7 – Full

Ep 8 – Full

Ep 9 – Full

Ep 10 – Full

Ep 11 – Full

Ep 12 – Full

Ep 13 – Full

Alternate Link: 13 episodes in parts

Credit: GOE;SS (Gods of the East Subbing Squad)
sjytul @Dailymotion, SuJuHoLiC_ELF15 @Dailymotion
Compiled and Shared by https://superzvicki.wordpress.com/


Updated: 06/27/2014


24 thoughts on “Explorers of the Human Body

    • Sorry for the late reply ._. I don’t like downloading videos from Dailymotion, so I rarely do, therefore I don’t really know what’s the best way to download videos from Dailymotion. I’m not sure what plug-in you’re using, but I heard that Keepvid is pretty good for downloading videos from online (and I’ve also used it a few years ago and it was pretty good).

      ~ Vicki


  1. Thank you so much for these. I have bee dying to see with English subs. I am only at episode 8 and it is amazing. Wanted to let you know that some of the links for episode 6 don’t work. It seems they were blocked for copyright. Thanks also for a great site.


    • You’re Welcome! 🙂 I’m happy that you have the chance to watch this variety show now, it’s extremely funny. And thanks for letting me know that the YouTube links for some parts of episode 6 aren’t working…it’s really annoying how SBS is working with YT to remove all their videos from the YT site due to copyright issues 😦



  2. thank u so much, i’ve been looking for complete episodes lately because i miss watching this show! ^_^ i want to download these so badly but i can’t seem to do it over dailymotion..can u upload them on youtube also?^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re Welcome! 🙂 I love watching this show over again too, it’s really funny and informative as well. A lot of people mentioned having trouble downloading from Dailymotion now too, so I think the problem is that Dailymotion did something to their videos making it difficult to download them. EHB is usually not uploaded to YouTube because the videos will usually be taken down soon due to copyright issues from SBS on YT, thus nobody has fully uploaded the whole show on YouTube, only a few parts of some episodes still remain here and there. Unfortunately, I’ve never downloaded the whole show either because my internet download speed is so slow, so I don’t have the videos of the episodes to upload them on YT, sorry.

      ~ Vicki


    • Hello fellow ELF! 😀 I really miss SJ when they were 13 members too, especially seeing them having so much fun with all the members on these old variety shows. Remember back in 2009 when they were performing Sorry Sorry, the stage was so full and I love it when other people were in awe of SJ and how a group with so many members can be so popular and successful. Now the stage looks so empty sometimes especially with 3 members currently serving in the army. I really hope one day that they can perform something as 13 again. Or even if that’s not possible, that all of them still keep in contact with one another (such as with Hangeng and Kibum) and stay close friends or like brothers forever. ^^

      ~ Vicki


  3. Thank you for all of this. I truly love Super Junior and because I’m a toddler ELF (going on my 2nd year of Super Junior~) I wasn’t able to watch them from the beginning and it’s hard to find past shows with them. Thanks again for all your work. It really means a lot.


    • It’s really great that you became a ELF! ^__^ You definitely won’t regret supporting and loving Super Junior. And you’re really welcome! 🙂 I’m just happy that my blog is helpful to ELF (especially recent ones) and that I can use it to spread the love for Super Junior! ♥

      ~ Vicki


  4. Heyy, just wanted to thank you for this lovely site. I’ve only been an ELF for a very short time (less than 4 months) so it’s difficult for me to find all their appearances… so you could say I’ve been glued to my laptop combing the blog watching everything I could find ^_^
    EHB is my fav SJ variety show so far, do you have any other must-see recommendations??
    Thanks again ❤


    • Hi, welcome to the ELF fandom! ^__^ It’s always great to hear that someone’s a new ELF cuz it means that Super Junior is still gaining more fans. And I’m glad my blog is helping you…I’m just happy to spread the love for Super Junior ♥
      EHB is still my favorite SJ variety show of all time, so I’m glad you like it too. As for other must-see ones, I really recommend Super Junior Full House (it’s an old show but really funny) and Intimate Note (short and really funny). A lot of ELF also really like Super Adonis Camp, but I like the previous two shows I mention more xD As for more recent shows, the really good ones to watch are: Shinhwa Broadcast with Super Junior, Radio Star with SJ, Star Life Theater (this is a really heartwarming one as it shows SJ friendship and the bts of their lives), and Strong Heart (SJ Special). SJ members are so funny and really great in variety shows so I like almost all of the ones they were on. 😀 Happy watching! ^^


      • Hi, I was wondering if you… or anyone else here can identify the show I’m looking for
        It had Shindong (definitely), and maybe Leeteuk and Eunhyuk at least. They were on a small talkshow variety show thing with at least one other guest (probably 2 or 3) and there was a game where that group and suju had to grab these flags or counters… (maybe trophies) all I remember is that everyone wanted to avoid the ‘scandals’ one
        …my goodness my description wasn’t helpful at all, sorry for the trouble


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