Super Adonis Camp



Six members of Super Junior (Leeteuk, Kangin, Sungmin, Donghae, Shindong, and Eunhyuk) ** go to a pension located in the mountains and stay there for about a week. Throughout the time of staying there, they must only live on a certain amount of money, and live off of groceries that they bought with that money beforehand. Also living there with them was another woman who is sort of the MC for the show, except the boys find her annoying and try not to pay attention to anything that she does. In the end, however, with the money that they have saved from the leftover food that they had, they gave it to an orphanage, where they later visited and is where the children that temporarily stayed in the pension with them are from.

** (Hangeng appeared later on in the show and the last episode also features Ryeowook and Yesung)

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All 8 Episodes with English Subs:

[05/29/2006] Episode 1 – [YT] Full

[06/05/2006] Episode 2 – [YT] Full
[YT] Part 1 / Part 2

[06/12/2006] Episode 3 – [YT] Part 1 / Part 2

[06/19/2006] Episode 4 – [YT] Part 1 / Part 2

[06/26/2006] Episode 5 – [YT] Part 1 / Part 2

[07/03/2006] Episode 6 – [YT] Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

[07/10/2006] Episode 7 – [YT] Part 1 / Part 2

[07/17/2006] Episode 8 – [YT] Part 1 / Part 2

Credit: GOE;SS (Gods of the East Subbing Squad)
ExoticELF @YouTube, SuJuSubs1 @YouTube, EriiAR @YouTube, Ficha Yecha @YouTube
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Updated: 06/26/2014


21 thoughts on “Super Adonis Camp

  1. one of my faves, specially the part where they acted as characters of a hilarious snow white version. heehee. thank you. 😀


    • Hello! ^^ Sorry for the late reply. I don’t know who’s the girl in the show…I don’t think it was ever mentioned either. But, I don’t think it was the girl that Teuki met during the Star King special though.


  2. Also, do you know about Making of Super Adonis Camp? I only found Eunhae cuts but it seems there were a lot of episodes (52 I think). How can the series have 8 episodes and the making 52?
    Thank you^^


  3. Hi again! I just checked and your episode 8 part 1 is actually the first part of GOE-SS episode 8 part 2.
    Long ago I downloaded this part from the source but their episode 8 part 1 links were dead, nobody reuploaded it and I never have found working links for this first part, just raw.



    • Sorry, my connection didnt work properly and a word got cut. In the raw you can see two female guest tricking Suju with their voices making them think they are beautiful ladies, afterwards they play some games, enjoy at the river and they talk around a camp fire.


  4. thank you for sharing the links and saving me hours of detective work <33 love the parts of this show i've seen and really looking forward to watching the rest!!


  5. In the preview to episode 8 (at the end of episode 7 part 2), Super Junior is supposed to play games with the two noona guests. How come that’s not found in episode 8? And how come episode 8 is 20 minutes shorter than the other episodes?


  6. where is that episode in which they are the women from ep.7??? i found it in Thai sub, but no Eng sub??? it won’t be available in eng sub??


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