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[Article] [04/18/2013] Shindong Interview with Newsen

Super Junior has many members, and these many members are working in many different fields. Shindong said “Leeteuk/Eunhyuk DJ-ed on ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’ for 5 years and 3 months. In 3 months, I will become 1st place (in longest to DJ)”

Shindong received ‘half bronze mouth’ for his 5 years as DJ. “I feel pressured but I feel very happy. Many people call and ask ‘isn’t the program too loud for midnight?’. If I had gotten the call after making a mistake, I would think ‘I need to do better’ but the concept of our program is to be loud. We get those calls because we are funny and loud, so I feel that people have started to give us some attention. Radio has been forgotten by many but I feel very happy about doing well in it. The viewing % is doing well too.”
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