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[2005-2008] Super Junior Performances

[2005-2008] Super Junior Performances


A YouTube Playlist of some of Super Junior performances on music shows from their debut to 2008. 🙂

If there are any really awesome performances that aren’t in the playlist, please share it with me and other fellow ELFs by commenting below.


Super Junior Performances


[2006] Super Junior Mini Drama (ENG)

[2006] Super Junior Mini Drama (ENG)


A variety game show where the members of Super Junior (with the exception of Hangeng, Heechul, Kibum, and Siwon, who weren’t directly in the show but had cameos) could create and produce their own mini-dramas for themselves to star in. The members split up into two teams: Prince Team or Pearl Blue Team and play a game in the beginning of the episode to determine who exactly got the reward for the drama or who got the punishment.


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[ENG] YSMM + Love Letter – Super Junior

[ENG] YSMM + Love Letter – Super Junior


[ENG] YSMM Ep. 220 – Kibum + Siwon Cut (3 parts)

[ENG] YSMM Ep. 232 – Heechul + Hangeng Cut (4 parts)

[ENG] YSMM Ep. 238 – Kibum + Eunhyuk Cut (4 parts)

[ENG] [09/01/2008] YSMM – Heechul + Kangin (7 parts)

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[2007] Super Summer (ENG)

[2007] Super Summer (ENG)


A three on one dating game and hidden camera show featuring Super Junior members, Siwon, Donghae, and Kibum. The show documents the member’s efforts to win dates with model Lee Eun Jung through competing in games. The winner of each episode would get to have a date with the girl, while the other two men would have their own “man to man” date. The show is meant to show the “true intentions of men when it comes to love.” Lee Eun Jung and the MC would devise plans to pit the members against each other in order to reveal their feelings. The show was shot in Saipan.


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