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[Translation] [04/19/2013] Sung Dong Cafe – Talk About Enlisting

Fan: Did you meet Teuk oppa yesterday?

Heechul: I didn’t get to meet Teuk oppa yesterday. Teuk oppa… when he came out on a vacation (from army) before, I met with him and talked a lot. I… didn’t come to SungDong… didn’t have any plans to enlist as public service then so I had to write an oath every time I wanted to go overseas. It was an oath like ‘I will not cause trouble overseas. I will report back when I return from overseas.’. I said “Aish, it’s not like I’m going there to commit a crime! I’ll just go (to the army)!”

After that, I searched online when Kim Heechul would appear and it came out as 9/1. I checked that around 8/1. Then, people said ‘let’s push it back’ and the company said the same thing. Member who said “Let’s push it back. Heechul-ah, let’s go together.” was Teuk-ee. Leeteuk-ssi said to me “Let’s go (to army) together. We have our concert and 3 CFs…. Heechul-ah, let’s do this, earn a bit more money, then go. Let’s also go to New York together..” but my personality!! I said “I don’t like going to the district office to take oath and be like ‘yeah~ yeah~ i will do as you say’ as if I have done something wrong.” and Teuk-ssi talked with me a lot, and felt very sad about it.
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