Attack on the Pin-Up Boys


ATTACK ON THE PIN-UP BOYS, also known as Flower Boys’ Series of Terror Events or simply Flower Boys, is a 2007 South Korean high school mystery/comedy film. The film stars every member of Super Junior, not including Kyuhyun because of the car accident on April 19, 2007.



After the unusual attack (tossing of a bag of feces) on a school flower boy (meaning heartthrob or pretty boy), Sungmin, on February 14, the same attacks began to happen at different high schools on every month of the same day. Rumors say that the next victims will be at Neulparan High School. The studious student Kibum decides to investigate the matter, blogging all of the terror events on the 14th of each month, causing the event to become a hot topic within the student body. After several attacks, Kibum predicts that the next victim will be either Siwon, president of the student body; Heechul, president of the dance club; or Kangin, the captain of the Judo Team.




Kibum – the narrator and “detective boy”

Siwon – the student body president

Heechul – the Ultra Junior president

Kangin – the Judo Society captain

Sungmin – Flower Boy Victim #1, the popular pretty boy

HanGeng – Flower Boy Victim #2, the basketball player

Yesung – Flower Boy Victim #3, the rock star

Donghae – the Ultra Junior member and Kibum’s best friend

Eunhyuk – the Judo Society member

Shindong – the Ultra Junior member

Ryeowook – the student body vice president / School Panda mascot (uncredited)

Leeteuk – School Panda mascot (Ending credits)


Henry Lau of Super Junior M – background dancer

Key of SHINee – background dancer

Yuri of Girls’ Generation – One of the three ballerinas and the girl who joined Ultra Junior near the end of the movie. She was the one who Donghae spoke about to Kibum at the end of the movie, talking about her wave dance.

(Note: Kyuhyun, the 13th member of Super Junior, wasn’t cast due to still being in recovery from the car accident on April 19, 2007.)



Link 1: [Full] Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (Eng Subs)

Link 2: [Full] Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (Eng Subs)


Credit: ngocthuy80 @YouTube, 5uperJuniorTV @YouTube
Wikipedia for the description, synopsis, and cast information
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Updated: 06/27/2014

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