Super Junior Full House



[2006] Super Junior Full House (Eng Subs)

Super Junior starred in their own reality show called Super Junior Full House, which was about two transfer students who will be boarding with half of the members of Super Junior, specifically in the dorm where Heechul, Kangin, Kibum, Siwon, Hangeng, and Donghae were staying in. The two transfer students were model Eva and her friend Anya.
The show ran for 13 episodes and it’s running time was about 25 minutes per episode. It was aired from May 27, 2006 until August 26, 2006. The home stay lasted for a month, and with the show it presented comedic experiences by Super Junior and the two international female students showing their deep friendship and funny attitudes and personalities.

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All 13 Episodes with English subs:

Dailymotion Playlist – All Episodes (Eng Subs)

Credit: Eun-HaeChuL90 @Dailymotion
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Updated: 06/26/2014


9 thoughts on “Super Junior Full House

  1. Hello there 🙂

    I’ve noticed that some of your SuJu videos were taken down. Is there any other way for me to download your videos? Could you perhaps upload to mediafire or other file-sharing websites?

    I am so sorry to burden you with this but you have the best quality videos and I cannot thank you enough because of your hardwork in organizing and helping other ELFs enjoy SuJu. I especially have a hard time looking for HQ SuJu Full House videos and HQ SuJu minidrama videos. Once again, if this is not possible, I apologise for troubling you.

    I am a long-time ELF for 5 years and I want to preserve SuJu’s memory before it gets wiped off the internet.

    Please reply after you have read this. Thank you and have a great day ahead 🙂


    • Hello! ^^ Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the Super Junior videos saved on my computer, so I won’t be able to upload the videos to mediafire for others to download. 😦 I’m happy sharing SJ video links with other ELFs to enjoy as well ^^ but sadly due to copyright issues SJ subbed videos are frequently removed from sites and especially with older shows like SJ Full House and the mini drama, it’s really difficult to find HQ videos since people don’t upload them with good quality…so, I wasn’t able to find better quality videos. And don’t feel like you’re troubling me by asking me questions, I always love to help other ELFs when I can…and you asked me so nicely too, which made me felt really happy…I just wish I was able to be more helpful.

      I’ve been an ELF for a few years now too and though I would really like to download all of SJ shows to keep and preserve, I can’t because of my slow internet speed and small computer hard drive…so I end up relying heavily on streaming video links…so it’s really annoying that videos keep getting removed. If I do find HQ subbed videos of SJ full house and the mini drama, I’ll let you know. ^^
      Hope you’re having a great day too! Fighting! ^__^


    • Hello! ^^ Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the first lot of Dailymotion videos did got deleted. I’ve added a Dailymotion video playlist of all the episodes…so you can watch it from there. ^^


  2. Just noticed the playlist videos are deleted T..T I’ve been trying to search for Full House vids~ was about to ask you to reupload and then read your comments that it wasnt save to your PC…. Thanks for compiling the HQ vids. Hope more ELFS reupload them again


    • Hi Ellisa! ^^ Thanks for taking the time to read my previous comment and understanding why I can’t reupload the videos…I appreciate it since some people would ask me the same questions without realizing I already answered it in a previous comment. >.< I've added a new Dailymotion video playlist of all the episodes, so you'll be able to watch the eps. 🙂


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